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Quilters Guild of the Southern Crescent

Quilt Guild in Fayetteville and Peachtree City, Georgia


Christian City Children's Village


The children's home at Christian City offers life services and a safe haven for children in crisis.

How we help: We are making twin size quilts and matching pillowcases for the children at Christian City. A twin size quilt is approx 63" X 87".


Bloom Closet


When children are placed into foster care, they usually arrive with nothing but the clothing on their backs. Bloom Closet provides for these children.

How we help: We are currently making children's throw size quilts and pillow cases. These quilts can be anywhere from baby quilts up to 50" x 60". We are also making the bloom bags, pattern was sent via guild email. 

Quilts of Valor - QOV


The mission of QOV is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing quilts of valor.

How we help: QOV should be approx 60" X 80". We are currently making quilts and pillowcases for QOV. Please see the 

QOV website for directions, guidelines, specifications, patterns, videos, a photo gallery and resources:   www.QOVF.org.

Promise Place


Promise Place provides a safe environment and refuge for women and children.

How we help: We are currently making twin size quilts and pillowcases for promise place.    

Wounded Soldiers in Kuwait


We have a nurse contact who is working with the wounded soldiers in Kuwait. Her request is for quilts. When the wounded soldiers are taken by stretcher for transport to the hospital they have blankets. The walking wounded go to transport with no cover and they are cold.

How we help: We are currently making large throw size quilts for the soldiers. Approximately 60" x 70". 

Fayette County Animal Shelter


A quilt says love and these homeless dogs and cats need some of that.

How we help: We are making dog quilts - approximately 24" X 38" and cat quilts - 24" X 28".